Private Security Agency -PSA-SG

Privately hired Security Guards hired from private security agencies registered to the


The Philippine Association of Detective and Protective Agency Operators, Inc (PADPAO) is an aggregation of private security agencies (PSA) nationwide with about 1,800 PSAs with an estimated personnel strength of 230,000 security personnel.

PADPAO is a self- governing, self- regulatory, and self-policing organization. It promotes and adopts a high standard of moral and ethical conducts in the operation and management of security services, observes strictly the tenets of truth, accuracy and prudence and conduct itself at all times in a manner conducive to public trust and confidence. It establishes good relations with all its members and its clients and abhors unfair competition and deceitful means by its members in getting clientele. Its members work together to provide a progressive security service for the satisfaction of its clients and contribute its share in the economic stability of the nation by providing security to its clients and protection of their assets and properties and the well-being of the country and the people.