Police Commissioned Officers (PCO) Buckle 2 Anahaw - PNP
Police Commissioned Officers (PCO) Buckle 2 Anahaw - PNP
Police Commissioned Officers (PCO) Buckle 2 Anahaw - PNP
Police Commissioned Officers (PCO) Buckle 2 Anahaw - PNP

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Police Commissioned Officers (PCO) Buckle 2 Anahaw - PNP

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Philippine National Police (PNP) Police Commissioned Officers (PCO) Buckle 2 Anahaw

The Police Captain is assigned within the Police Department to geographic Areas, detective divisions, and specialized divisions. The class title of a Police Captain is divided into three paygrade advancements: Captain I, II and III. Each higher level of a Police Captain assumes a more complex and difficult level of responsibility within his/her assignment. As a Commanding Officer of a patrol or detective division, the Captain is responsible for the following duties: inspecting and overseeing the functions of the patrol officers and detectives to ensure compliance with the Department policies, procedures, regulations and standards; supervising the administrative and support functions of non-sworn personnel; inspecting personnel, facilities, and tactics for safety and/or training needs; maintaining liaison with numerous municipal, government, civic organizations, and private citizens to establish and maintain rapport to facilitate Department’s functions and to promote neighborhood safety and community policing programs.

In addition to carrying out the aforementioned duties, Captains assigned to specialized divisions such as Narcotics, Organized Crime and Vice, Robbery/Homicide, Juvenile Services, Burglary/Auto Theft, Financial Crimes, Air Support, and Transit are responsible for unique duties characteristic of each division.

In addition, a Captain performs administrative duties such as reviewing correspondence, budget requests, and activity reports; interviewing and hiring sworn and civilian personnel for their division; acting as a Chief’s Duty Officer (off-hours); teaching classes at the Police Academy; and assuming the responsibilities of a Police Commander in his/her absence.


Material/Finish: Red Copper
Overall Size: 85mm x 48mm
Personalization Area: Center Seal, Custom Logo, Name, and Course with white text
Thickness: 2.4mm
Shape: Rectangular
Mounting: Two Tone Finish
Production Style: Embossed Design
Artwork: Picture, Seal, 
Artwork File Types: All types of files
Usage: Military & Police Insignia
Clients: Philippine National Police
Production Time: 2 weeks days following proof approval for most orders. Proof will be received within 3 days business day.
Packaging:  Clear Acetate Box and Shipping box
AKA Buckle

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