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Philippine National Police (PNP) GOA Type ''C'' - PNP

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Philippine National Police (PNP) GOA Type ''C''

When to use:

  • Daily Office attire at the following PNP offices: Police Provincial Offices, City Police Offices, Police District Offices (NCPRO) and Police Stations and its attached PNP units. 
  • Full alert status for NHQ and RHQs: other similar activities as directed by CPNP and other Directors concerned, such as: Civil Disturbance Management(CDM) personnel/security coverage.




 PNP GOA TYPE ''C'' Uniform


GOA Shirt

White V-neck T-Shirt

Field Cap

Patrol Shoes

Black Socks

Embroidered Patch (PNP Badge)

PNP Patch

Embroidered Namecloth

Embroidered Shoulder Loop


Leather Pistol Belt

PNP Blue Belt with Skeleton Buckle

  • Field Cap
  • GOA with shoulder loop
  • Star Rank Lanyard
  • PNP badge and nameplate
  •  Blue belt with PNP buckle
  •  Dress shoes/ Patrol Shoes
  •  Field Cap
  • GOA with shoulder loop(PCO) / chevron(PNCO)
  • Lanyard
  •  PNP badge and nameplate
  • Pistol belt and accessories with firearm
  •  Dress shoes / Patrol Shoes for field duties


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