FSU Type ''C'' (Green Pixelized Printed FSU) - PNP

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FSU Type ''C'' (Green Pixelized Printed FSU) - PNP

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FSU Type ''C'' (Green Pixelized Printed FSU)

Exclusive for SAF Personnel only


FSU, which stands for ‘’Field Service Uniform’’, is a general term that refers to Philippine National Police approved combat utility uniform. 6 color camouflage green are made into these BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) style uniforms., but also as ACU (Army Combat Uniform) cut or as a combat shirt and Crye field style trouser combination. The exact same goes for SAF’s digital uniforms and the new 2019 FSU Pattern.

  • FSU TYPE ''A'' (Camouflage Green FSU) - Exclusive use only of the PNP Personnel assigned in the various Mobile Group Companies (Regional, Provincial and City) involved in counter insurgency operation in rural and forested areas.
  •  FSU TYPE ''B'' (Black Tropical Fatigue FSU) - The standard uniform for exclusive use of SWAT, EODT(Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team), K-9, SOG(Studies and Observations Group) of NSU, administrative and operational, including highly urbanized City Police Officers, Component City Police Stations and Municipal Police Stations.
  • FSU TYPE ''C''(Green Pixelized Printed FSU) - Exclusive for SAF Personnel only
  • FSU TYPE ''D'' (Fatigue Blue Camouflage FSU) - Recommended for phase out by UESB


     PNP Pixelized Field Service Uniform  Field Cap  Black Assualt Boots  Black Nylon Web Belt with Skeleton Buckle
    FSU Undershirt  Ballistic Helmet  All Black Police Tropical Boots
    Lousy Hat in the absence of Ballistic Helmet
    Blue Berret

    ✔Does not fade in a short span of time.

    ✔Comfortable to wear.

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