Institute Training Group (ITG) Pin - PNP
Institute Training Group (ITG) Pin - PNP

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Institute Training Group (ITG) Pin - PNP

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Institute Training Group (ITG) Pin

Institute Training Group earlier known as Headquarters Training Group
The Institute Training Group was purposely created on September 1994, to provide training and Human Development Programs to the Police Non-Commissioned Officers of the support units of the Philippine National Police.The ITG has continuously aimed to produce fully equipped Professionals Corp of Public Safety Professionals who are open and sensitive to people's need, imbued with solid moral values and firm respect for human rights and democratic processes and empowered Public Safety Officer committed to the efficient and effective delivery of Public Safety Services. 
Public Safety Senior Leadership Course (PSSLC)
A 12-week course designed to provide senior PNCOs with requisite knowledge and skills on general functional areas of unit administration, management and leadership.


Material/Finish: Brass Material, Gold Finish
Overall Size: 41 mm diameter
Personalization Area: Center Seal, Custom Logo, (CHECK MOLD CHARGES)
Thickness: 1.5 mm (1/16 inch)
Circle with Spikes 
Mounting: Pin post back attachment
Production Style: Metal Embossing Machines Apply tons of pressure to the either molten-hot, or room temp material, to previously designed and prepared Metal Molds to mark the designs to the material. These pieces are Embossed Design with Paint.
Artwork: Picture, Seal
Artwork File Types: All types of files
Usage: Corporate Awards, Academic Achievements, Employment and Personal Milestones, Corporate Milestones and anniversaries, Uniforms, Company branding. 
Clients: Institute Training Group 
Production Time: 2 weeks days following proof approval for most orders. Proof will be received within 3 days business day.
Packaging:  Clear Acetate Box and Shipping box
AKA Collar Pin, Pin


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