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DELTA (S.T.A.R) Team Uniform - BJMP

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DELTA (S.T.A.R) Team Uniform

When to use/Occasion use:

This version of the DELTA Uniform is worn only by the members of the Special Tactics and Response (S.T.A.R.) Team, an elite operating unit committed to the safe resolution of critical jail incidents and the provision of security to inmates as well as other BJMP personnel, both inside and outside of jail premises. It is worn during:
  •  Red Alert situations
  •  When augmenting to jail functions/operations
  •  Responding to emergency situations and calamities
  •  Conduct of Greyhound Operations
  •  Every Friday and when performing duty functions (for personnel assigned in the NHQ and Regional Offices) From Friday to Sunday of the week (for those rendering duties in the NHQ and Regional Offices)
  • Other occasions, as maybe directed by the Chief, BJMP


  • The Modified Delta (upper garment with spandex), created pursuant to Committee on Uniform Resolution no. 2014-01, maybe worn as an alternate uniform for the members of the S.T.A.R. Team. It shall only be used when the user is also sporting a protective vest and its accessories.
  • The Delta Uniform for S.T.A.R. Team members (Chinese collar) and the Modified Delta (upper garment with spandex, Chinese collar) shall be for the exclusive usage of the official members of the S.T.A.R. Team only. All personnel who were relieved from the S.T.A.R. the team of the NHQ/Regional Office, those reassigned to jail units, to include those without appropriate office orders, shall no longer be authorized to sport the S.T.A.R. Team Delta. They shall revert to the common Delta uniform (with tropical collar).
  • Members of the Special Tactics and Response (S.T.A.R.) Teams, while in Delta Uniform, are authorized to sport low-carry holsters when carrying short firearms and ammunition. Likewise, personnel who are not members of the S.T.A.R. Team, while in their Delta uniform, are also authorized to sport low-carry holster when bearing short firearms and ammunition. 



    White Duck Gray Duck/ Gray Service Uniform Bush Coat

    Pershing Cap

    Black Wet-look Shoes


    Pershing Cap

    Bull Cap (Black)

    Black Wet-look Shoes

    Black Wet-look Shoes or High-cut Patrol Shoes

    DELTA (for personnel who are not members of the S.T.A.R. TEAM)

    Ridgeway Cap (JCOs) or Delta Bull Cap (JNCOs)

    Combat boots

    DELTA (for members of the S.T.A.R. TEAM)

    S.T.A.R. Team Bull cap

    Combat boots

    Athletic Uniform


    Rubber Shoes (dominant white)

    CVAC Uniform

    Ridgeway Cap (JCOs) or Delta Bull Cap (JNCOs)

    High-cut Patrol Shoes


  • Only authorized uniforms as provided in the BJMP Manual, Uniform and Standards Committee Resolutions and other pertinent issuances are allowed to be worn during the exercise of one’s functions, when reporting to the NHQ and Regional Offices to transact business and when making representations in behalf of the Jail Bureau or his unit.
  •  No combination of uniforms shall be allowed, e.g. Summer Shirt-Maong Pants, lower Delta pants-polo shirt, Delta Uniform-wet look shoes and civilian t-shirt-lower uniform garment.
  • JCOs and JNCOs are required to be in complete uniform principally when in office or on-duty status, and when transacting official business. In no case shall personnel be allowed to enter any BJMP premises without wearing the prescribed uniform of the day.
  • Headgear corresponding to the uniform worn shall be supported when not under roofing/building cover, especially while in the performance of one’s duties or when in the open grounds of the NHQ, Regional Office or Jail premises. The same shall also apply when saluting to an officer, especially prior to reporting. 
  • Female personnel detailed in jail facilities, particularly those performing custodial/ escorting functions, and other tasks that demand physical strain may wear pants in combination with the BJMP wet-look shoes or high-cut patrol shoes to facilitate mobility and efficient delivery of services.
  • Sporting of Type “B” GOA and Delta may be allowed by the head of unit/office only within the premises of their respective offices to remedy the discomfort brought about by escalating heat during the summer months. However, such shall not be worn during escort trips, outside engagements, when rendering frontline services and other instances that may necessitate the personnel to leave the office/unit.
  • On days when personnel are excused from wearing the prescribed uniform, they shall dress appropriately, preferably in business or smart casual attire. Party attire, picnic clothes, sandos and t-shirts, walking shorts, and tight- fitting, seductive, flimsy and transparent dresses are strictly prohibited and shall not be worn at work.
  • Personnel assigned in jail facilities and those dwelling in NHQ and Regional Office quarters/barracks that are off duty shall be dressed modestly and are prohibited from loafing around BJMP premises while wearing inappropriate garments/clothing.
  • No dress code shall be required for NUPs during meetings, seminars and conferences outside NHQ/Regional Office premises, and when conducting liaisoning activities to other agencies. They are, however, advised to dress fittingly for such events.
  • The appropriate placement of uniform paraphernalia are as follows: – Awards ribbon – placed above the right chest pocket – Highest training pin – pinned on the middle of the right chest pocket – Highest training institution pin – pinned on the middle of the left chest pocket – BJMP Patch – sewn on the right sleeve one inch from the armhole of the upper garment – Unit Patch – sewn on the left sleeve one inch from the armhole of the upper garment – Rank chevron (JNCOs) – sewn on both sleeves below the BJMP and Unit Patches – Whistle with silver chain – hooked at the left shoulder and inner left chest pocket; hook must protrude at the left chest pocket flap.
  • The shoulder loop of the NESJO shall have seventeen laurels with a star at the center to symbolize his national scope and authority over all JNCOs.
  • Provincial and Unit Executive Senior Jail Officers (PESJOs/ UESJOs) with the rank of SJO4 are authorized to sport the shoulder loop similar to the RESJOs.
  • Male personnel shall maintain a short haircut (preferably barber’s cut) and shall fashion their hair appropriately, especially when in uniform.
  • For female personnel maintaining short haircuts, hair should be a barber's cut or collar-length. For those with long hair, the application of black hairnet, “bun” style and black hair accessories is strongly recommended.
  • Hair dye is limited to black only. Other trendy colors are strictly prohibited. Fancy and colorful hair accessories are likewise not allowed.
  • Uniformed personnel are not allowed to display flashy accessories and other expensive jewelry. Dominant watch color must be black or silver for metallic and rubber watches, except for leather watches which have brown strap/bands.
  • Placing of pens, unauthorized pins and decorations and any other object on the uniform and its pockets is strictly prohibited. 

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